See the Proper Essay Proposal Format Here

When it comes to understanding the proper essay proposal format, you may find that your professor have specific proposal essay format regulations in mind. However, if your teacher has not been specific regarding what he or she expects from you, there are a couple of essay proposal formats that are accepted by most teachers and that will provide your proposal information in a clear, concise and easy to understand manner. If you are unsure of the format your professor expects, this is the type of essay proposal format we will use.

The Topic

With our paper proposal format, we will start by introducing the topic or general idea of your paper. Here you will be letting your reader know about the focus on the paper. You will also outline the importance of your essay and what you plan on proving with your document.

The Research Question

Here you will narrow down the focus of your paper and instead of explaining the topic you will be writing about you will write out the exact research question or thesis that you will be using at the heart of your paper. This statement will be clear and to the point and will saying something like “In this essay, I will prove by”.

Significance of The Essay

This is the part of a quality essay proposal format that many professors will be most impressed by. Here you will want to highlight the significance of your work and why your essay needs to be written. You will use this section to explain why, when your essay is finished it will be of importance and of interest to those in your field or the general public.

Steps of the Argument

This section of your essay proposal will discuss the structure of your essay and detail the sections and subsections of the argument. Here you will detail your strategy in organizing and presenting a point with your essay.

Methods of Your Essay

This section of the essay proposal is used to explain how you will gather or generate your data and what types of sources you will use during the process. You will need to be detailed about this part of the process in your proposal so it gets approved.


Here you will list the sources you have used as well as any sources you plan on using in the future for your essay.