Get an Essay Proposal Outline

Many consider writing an essay proposal outline to be the most difficult part of the essay writing experience. This is why we are here. If you are looking to get an idea of what a proper essay proposal outline should look like, we have provided you with a proposal essay outline here that can help you understand how to create an outline.

Essay Proposal Outline Length

When it comes to the length of your essay proposal outline, there are number of different opinions regarding what the ‘proper’ length is. Typically your professor will let you know the expected length of your paper proposal outline. The length of the proposal paper outline often depends on how long the final paper is expected to be and how many components are in your essay.

Primary Components of Your Essay Proposal Outline


Introduce your topic and provide basic background on your outline.

Explain basic terms you will use in your essay.

Describe why it is important that you write an essay on this topic.

Thesis or Problem Statement

Describe the topic, idea or thesis that you will be trying to prove in your paper.

Outline your supporting points to your thesis.

Present the question that your essay will answer, if there is one.

State the objectives or main point of your essay and what you will be trying to prove.

Literature Review

Address the scope of your research and outline some of the basic findings you have found so far.

Include additional resources you plan on using for your essay, if there are any, to develop your literature review.


Many professors will ask you to include a credentials section which will explain any expertise you have that enables you to write on the topic.

If you are doing an actual research project for your essay you will want to include a methodology section that outlines how you performed the experiment.


List all of the source material that you already have for your essay.

Include the information on source material you are planning to use but have not read or included yet.

How to Get Started with A Quality Essay Paper Outline

If you’re ready to get started with a new essay paper outline and are struggling with the process, just contact us. We will help you get started and get the quality outline you are looking for.